Catering to Special Diets

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Catering to Special Diets


At Hiawatha Lodge, we have had an increasing number of requests for finding foods suitable to special diets.  If you are looking for a Northwoods dining experience and local option to cater to your food allergen or special diet, we hope this article will be useful to you!  The Northwoods has been making great efforts in adapting new menu items that cater towards gluten and grain free diets and other common food allergens.  Whether it is your favorite dining spot or going to the market for fresh organic items, Eagle River has helpful options for you!


If you are looking to grocery shop for special diet items necessary for your cooler or snack bag there are some great options right here in Eagle River! Grassroots is a great option for shopping locally at a family owned health food store.  They provide organic foods that are fresh and frozen, many supplements, and even beauty products! Grassroots also offers dairy free cheeses, grass-fed beef, and gluten free bread products and pizza crusts for putting together your own delicious Friday night pizza party.  Grassroots is authentically ecofriendly as the store is mostly powered by solar and wind power, making them very earth-friendly and reducing their carbon footprint!  Located on Hwy 70, a mile past the Boat Sport Marina or about 3 miles from Eagle River this gem of a store is tucked back so make sure not to miss it, or call for directions at (715)479-6299.  Another great option for your organic produce and allergen free foods is Trigs of Eagle River.  Recently remodeled, their produce and natural foods area to be combined in a total of 1500 square feet.  They now features 1300 new natural food items that include gluten free, dairy free, and vegan items.  Trig’s also has gluten free beer available for those with special diets that would also like to enjoy a cold adult beverage! Trig’s is willing to help you find any item you need; and if you don’t see an item that you need, they are willing to order it in for you.

Butch’s Pizza

For your local dining out options, Eagle River has more to choose from than you would maybe think! Riverstone Restaurant and Tavern is a great option for our guests who would like gluten free options due to special diets.  They offer delicious pasta dishes, made from scratch soups, and gourmet gluten free burgers.  Riverstone is also very accommodating to their guests and are willing to make their items as cohesive to your special diet as is possible upon request.  Located next to the Eagle River bridge and on the river, you can enjoy a beautiful dining experience inside or out on their patio. If you are craving a good pizza try Butch’s Pizza in Eagle River.  They offer gluten free pizza with a thin and hand tossed crust.  Many of their toppings are also gluten free.

Eagle River Roasters Coffee shop offers a wide selection of allergen free options for their customers.  Alongside your delicious cup of coffee, you can enjoy a breakfast catered to your specific allergen free requests.  Some of their gluten free items include breads, salads, wraps, and fresh soups.  And don’t forget Club 45 located close to Conover, WI.  They serve luscious salads with homemade dressing!

 Many establishments in Eagle River and surrounding towns are adding new items to their menus all the time to accommodate you and your diet needs.  Always be sure to ask what options they have, you may be surprised what your favorite restaurant has to offer.  Right here at Hiawatha Lodge we offer our guests gluten free cereal and dairy free milk with our light breakfast bar.  If you don’t see you are looking for in this post, there is a lot more information available at our front desk upon request!

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